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Modern Companion Retail Store

We are opening a pet boutique here in Chapin, South Carolina, in early March at 508B Lexington Ave! Modern Companion has been a community-driven lifestyle brand creating and curating products for pets and their humans for almost two years. I’m so excited to move my manufacturing out of my home and into our own space where we can thrive. We have been lucky to be a part of the Soda City Market family for a year now and serve our local pet parents. Don’t worry, our fellow soda city-goers! We will be taking a break in January but plan to be...

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Anna: November's Pet Mom of the Month | Modern Companion

Anna: November's Pet Mom of the Month

NameAnna Where are you from? I grew up in a small town, Gilbert, SC, but I happily live in Columbia, SC now. Where did you go to school? I graduated from USC Columbia with a B.A. in Middle Level Education with a concentration in English and Science What do you do for work? I am a 7th grade Science teacher in Lexington, SC. I also just started making bandanas for Modern Companion! How many pets do you own? What are their names? I have one precious pup named Luna. I adopted her about 2 years ago from Lexington County Animal Shelter. ...

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Meet The Brand Reps of Modern Companion | Modern Companion

Meet The Brand Reps of Modern Companion

  Brand Rep: BarkleyInsta Handle: Greenville, SCI had the pleasure to meet Barkley and Kristen a few times. I can not say enough how compassionate and caring Kristen is. Barkley's instagram is all about catering and promoting small business in SC. It's such a pleasure having them apart of my team.   Brand Rep: Ozzy, Mia, Trooper, Crowley, & RileyInsta Handle: WisconsinApril is such a creative photographer. I have no idea how she gets ALL of her dogs to photograph at the same time and look FANTASTIC. I love how she is not afraid to show her progression when she edits photos. It's truly inspiration...

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October 1st, 2019: Pet Mom of The Month Maddie | Modern Companion

October 1st, 2019: Pet Mom of The Month Maddie

  Your name:Maddie  Where are you from?Columbia, SC but originally from Albany, NYAre you in school? Or where did you go to school?I received BFA in Graphic Design focusing on Digital Media State from the State University of New York at Oswego in 2017.I'm currently getting my part-time MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Clemson University   What do you do for work?Full Time Web Designer for a custom software company and Owner of Modern Companion How many pets do you own? What are their names?I have two cats (Dakota and Cuda)  and two Dalmatians (Domino and Blaze) What's one random thing...

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