Brand Rep: Barkley
Insta Handle:
Location: Greenville, SC
I had the pleasure to meet Barkley and Kristen a few times. I can not say enough how compassionate and caring Kristen is. Barkley's instagram is all about catering and promoting small business in SC. It's such a pleasure having them apart of my team.


Brand Rep: Ozzy, Mia, Trooper, Crowley, & Riley
Insta Handle:
April is such a creative photographer. I have no idea how she gets ALL of her dogs to photograph at the same time and look FANTASTIC. I love how she is not afraid to show her progression when she edits photos. It's truly inspiration and I'm so lucky to have all her dogs rep Modern Companion.



Brand Rep: Disco
Insta Handle:
Location: Ohio
Monica is like the dog whisperer. Her advice and abilities to train dogs blows me away. She is my go to person for all my pet question needs on our group chat. She also is a fantastic collar maker and a Dalmatian mom. 


Brand Rep: Diesel
Insta Handle:
Location: Toronto, Canada
I'm very luck to have Diesel and Alexandra on the Modern Companion team. I am in love with Alexandra sense of humor. Her stories definitely always keep me extremely entertained with those funny memes. I also love her videos of all the training she does with Diesel. Definitely someone I inspire to be and who doesn't love Diesel's ridiculous adorable ears?


Brand Rep: Tater, Beans, and Beijos
Insta Handle:
Tampa, FL
If you ever need someone to come up with awesome names for your products just ask Lidia. Her quick thinking and creative abilities blows me away. I've had many really awesome conversations with her. Her dedication to the Modern Companion family has surpassed my expectations when starting this company and looking at what I wanted in a brand rep. She is one of the reasons why #moderncompanionmonday exists. Also a girl who names her pets after food automatically wins. 


Brand Rep: Zeke
Insta Handle:
Location: Dallas, TX
Michelle and Zeke are so awesome to work with. Zeke is literally the pro at rocking the clip bandanas. I love Michelle as she is such a kind hearted person. She is literally the best dog Mom and it's so wonderful to have them represent my company. 


Brand Rep: Heph
Insta Handle:
Location: Tampa, FL
Heph and Meghan are such a fantastic duo. Heph can literally pull off any pattern or look. I love Meghan's sense of humor when photographing him. There is literally never a dull photograph. It's such a pleasure to have them on the team. 


Brand Rep: Lizard, Annie, Kida, and the rest of the zoo
Insta Handle:
Location: Kentucky
Mahala is such an incredible photographer. Her ability to photograph any of her pets in any setting is so extraordinary. I can't thank her enough for all the product photos and favors she has done for me. My site would not look nearly as good without her creative eye. I truly also love her passion for fostering and caring for so many animals. I hope people truly see how passionate Mahala is for her pets. She's an inspirational person.


Brand Rep: Neige & Bailey
Insta Handle:
Location: North Carolina 
Amber literally feels like my best friend. Her instant willingness to want to help others and my company grow is unreal. Plus I always have a soft spot for a Dalmatian mom. I was so lucky to recently meet her and Neige. She is so easy to talk to about anything. She was also one of the very first people that helped convince me to open a pet accessory company. I can not thank her enough for that and all the support she has given me. 


Please check out all our fantastic brand reps on our instagram 


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