Purpose of Brand Ambassadors & Models

The purpose of having brand ambassadors/models is to promote a product they love casually, and if they do an excellent job at it, someone will want to purchase it regardless of the discount, costs, etc.

Current Model Codes

Codes will be disabled for the time being as we no longer will offer 10% off discounts to anyone. However, all affiliates will receive a universal code that they will get their 10% off for themselves for all Modern Companion products.

New Commission Structure

All Brand Ambassador & Models, will get invited to an affillate portal where they will sign up with their information and be provided a link. QR codes are also available with other ways to share your unique link. 


Models will get a 5% commission on all orders placed through their affiliate link and can only redeem as store credit. If a model shows a positive attitude, creativity to the brand, has created referrals or commissions over $50; they will be eligible to upgrade to Brand Ambassador status. Models must reach one commission per year to stay within the program. 

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors will earn a 10% commission on every order that comes through their link, which can be reedeemed for either store credit or cash. 

Brand Ambassadors must recieve two commissions within the next six months. If within six months you have not reached those two commissions you will be transition down to the model program status.

Side Note: *Commission will not work on your own orders; please do not try to cheat the system. It will not work and knows when you place an order regardless of the name you put. 


Other cool ways to get recongizition: 

If a Brand Ambassador or Model does one of the following for the brand they will recieve unique recongizition for their efforts: 

  • Get MC featured on a social media account with a big following 50K followers+ ($25 gift card of your choice)
  • Get MC featured in any publication (website, magazine, tv, etc) ($25 gift card of your choice)
  • Attend any Modern Companion in person events (15% off your purchase of MC that day)
  • Go viral on reels/Tik Tok talking about/wearing branded products 20K views+ ($25 gift card of your choice)

*Side Note: Anything published media/social content mentioned above must mentioned/tag @moderncompanion to recieve recongizition. 

Please sign up for the affilate program portal here: https://af.secomapp.com/the-modern-companion/register

New Chat

Instagram chat is not really helpful in terms of photos, communications, etc. All Brand Ambassadors and Models will be asked to join our Slack Channel. We will have a private channel for just brand ambassadors and models to chat, discuss upcoming products, etc. We will also have other channels dedicated for advice, other items, random funny things, etc. The Modern Companion slack channel will open to the community later this year. Slack is a free platform for all android and ios users. Please click the following link to sign up: