Thanks for your interest in our model search. Modern Companion is a pet company that caters to all pets from all over. Please read ALL of the following before you apply.

What does being a model for us mean?

As a model, you get exclusive access to the other-side of Modern Companion. You see the hard work, support, and dedication. You become part of a team that feels like a family. You get to see ideas and upcoming releases before anyone else. You get to help influence our brand.

You also will get a model code. Every-time your model code is used, you get a certain amount of points added to your account. After a set amount of points, you can use them to redeem products in our shop. You also get exclusive access to deals, custom products, etc. that we don't offer to our customers/followers.

Depending on the amount of dedication and ideas you show, we tend to move models up to brand reps at any time. 

There is no time frame of how long a model is a model for us. We don't believe in getting rid of models to bring in new ones. As long as you keep up with the requirements and believe in our brand, you are a part of the MC team forever.

Who do we look for?

We look for PUBLIC accounts that are actively interacting and supporting our brand. You must have an active account that is 50% dedicated to pet-related things or is a pet account. We accept any type of models from anywhere. This means dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.

In order to apply, you must-have made at least one purchase from us before. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not apply yet if you have not purchased from us before. You will be asked to upload photos of your pet in our product!

This assures us that you have tried, tested, and trust the quality of our products and feel good about sharing it with others. Remember, we're a small business made up of one person. If you are looking for free products or just a flashy model code, you have come to the WRONG place. We're trying to build an awesome brand filled with love and community. Through the ups and downs of running a small business we need you to be here for us and our brand.

We don't care about how many products you have bought or how many followers you have or that you may have just found out about us. We care about the people and pets behind the account. Are you creative? Are you passionate about pets? Do you feel like you can influence our brand?

Can you commit time to our brand? Just to set the record straight. We get the human behind the account has a life. No one can ever be 100% on top of everything all the time. We sure aren't. Life happens, and we get that, as long as you don't ghost on us without reason, we are cool.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements are simple:

  • You must be over the age of 20.
  • You must be posting 3-4 times a month about pet-related things. These posts are things that aren't about our brand at all. We love to see that you are engaging with your followers.
  • You must be able to post at LEAST once a month of your pet(s) in our brand
  • The pictures you take must be somewhat aesthetic. By no means do you have to be a professional, but we like to see some quality and creativity in the photos. 
  • You have to be willing to take photos with you in them occasionally. 
  • You must be participating in the model group chat to an extent. Feedback is essential. 
  • You must be interacting with our posts/stories on occasion. We don't need you to share every post or story! 

We are all about supporting other businesses related to ours. We believe there is space for everyone in the industry. We have no rules about models being models for similar companies. We encourage you to support and model for companies who you believe in. We do ask that things we share with our models are not discussed or used outside of us, unless with specific permission. 

Because we want to show new ideas to our models, the model representing us mustn't be interested in starting their own company that could be remarkably similar to ours (in the pet accessories). We make exceptions to this as long as you express your intentions beforehand. If you make related items for fun in your own time, that's completely okay. We love seeing you're creative ideas. Honesty and transparency are super important to us. Since there is no end date on a model term, we may have our models sign a non-compete form for a set time to allow them to start their own similar company down the line if they choose so.

Being inspired by one's company is super encouraged and admired, but copying one's company isn't. If you're looking to start your own and would love some help, we are more willing to share some resources on starting a business in the pet industry. Just not through our model program.

If you feel like being a model for our company is right for you, please apply below. The deadline to apply is  Aug 15th, 2020.