Top Products for Puppies

Bringing home a new puppy is such a special experience. We want to be there for all of it. From potty training to teething, we've seen it all. Start here with our favorite products to make your puppy feel right at home!

Puppy Harness Program

Puppies grow fast and we want you to worry more about snapping as many pictures as you can than you will about getting a new harness every month. Our Puppy Harness Program helps offset some of those early puppy costs as your new family member quickly outgrows that adorable harness you just bought them. If you bought your harness at Modern Companion, you can return it to us within 6 months for 25% off of your next harness purchase. If it's in wearable condition, we'll donate it to a pet in need at one of our local rescues.

ID Tags

ID Tags are the perfect way to show off your pet's personality while keeping them safe. You just named your new puppy, now it's time to get their tag! At Modern Companion we think tags should be fashionable, personal, and durable. Our tags are all available with custom engraving and ship out to you in around 10 days.

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