About Us

Modern Companion aims to bring the community of pet lovers together one stylish pet product at a time. We were created by owner Maddie St. Gelais, a crazy pet mom with a design background inspired to give pet accessories a whole new light. She was tired of pet accessories focusing on being too masculine or feminine. With two spotted dogs finding products that brought out their natural beauty and elegance was hard to come by.

In 2019, Modern Companion was born. Maddie started to create modern products that had various natural tones that could work on every pet. She did this while working full-time as a UX designer and working on her MBA at the age of 23.

In 2020, we started working with and commissioned small business illustrators to create our one-of-a-kind patterns while hiring a small local team of seamstresses to continue to handcraft each accessory and started to offer our products in retail stores.

In March 2021, we opened our first brick-and-mortar retail store at 508B Lexington Ave in Chapin, SC. Opening our retail store gave us a home to showcase our line of products to our local community. It also has allowed us to work with other fantastic pet entrepreneurs and small businesses. Every single product sold in our store is carefully curated, tested, and selected by Maddie and the Modern Companion team.

Today, Modern Companion has taken the pet community and the upscale pet accessory market by storm. We've created an Instagram community of over 25,000+ followers, got ourselves in over 80+ boutiques, and we have an exclusive dog wedding line with Altar'd State/ Vow'd Weddings.

Here at Modern Companion, we believe they are not just your pet. They're a lifelong companion. We welcome you to join our family of stylish pets.

Retail Store

Learn more about our retail store in Chapin, SC!

Pet accessory brand wins 2021 MBAe EnterPrize competition, $15,000 prize

Madison St. Gelais won first place in the 2021 Clemson MBAe EnterPrize Awards competition for her community-driven lifestyle pet brand, Modern Companion