Modern Companion Pet Boutique

Modern Companion Pet Boutique is located at 508B Lexington Ave Chapin, South Carolina 29036. Our 1,400 sqft retail space is home to our own accessories and products. As well as chews, toys, health/wellness products, and stuff for humans too.

Mon-Sat: 11am-6pm

Why A Retail Store?

We wanted to provide a loving yet stylish home for our products, just as you do for your pets, and allow people to see the quality and love in our products first hand. Opening our retail store enables us to not only display every single one of our products, but it has given us a sense of community in Chapin, South Carolina. We have been lucky to work with talented pet entrepreneurs, small businesses, and local non-profits to not only make sure every pet is looking their best but that everyone in our community is supported.

Locally Owned & Operated

Owner and Founder Maddie St. Gelais, another crazy pet mom, started Modern Companion in 2019 when she found it difficult to find beautiful accessories for her two dalmatians that enhanced their natural beauty. She saw the need for pet accessories that brought out the best in every pet and expanded from there to offer toys, chews, and more. We create and curate every product that you receive. We operate locally out of Chapin, South Carolina, where we work with and support other small business pet entrepreneurs

Our Products

We at Modern Companion understand the need and want for fun accessories that will look great on any pet, and that is why we take such care in picking out and designing our products. As a small business ourselves, we also know the importance of supporting others in their entrepreneurial endeavors. This is why we work with and commission small business illustrators to help us create these decorative patterns. They are behind the one-of-a-kind patterns that we are known for. You can see their artwork on display on our bandana, bowties, scarves, and more. We have products that will match every holiday, season, special occasion, or even everyday wear.

Chews and Treats

We offer a variety of healthy treats and chews for all pets. Chews are great to ensure great dental health for your pet, and it is a great way to keep them entertained! Treats are also a great way to reward your pet as well as perfect for training. We have all different kinds of flavors, sizes and durabilities. At Modern Companion, we have a treat loyalty program; for every $10 you spend on treats and or chews, you get a stamp, and after ten stamps, you will receive 20% off your next purchase. 


Toys are a pet's best friend (besides their humans)! Even though they are meant for your pets enjoyment and entertainment, it doesn’t mean they can't be adorable. From the gentle pets to the destroyers, we have all the toys that will suit your pets’ needs.


Our brick and mortar are more than just a home for our products. We want it to be a home for you and your pets. That is why we at Modern Companion want you to come and experience all we have to offer; from our pup-cup counter to our excellent customer service.  We love to host everyone and every pet in your family to bring our local community together. Throughout the year, we put on numerous events and team up with other local pet businesses and rescues. Keep up to date with all of our exciting events on our Facebook page! 

Our Location


508B Lexington Ave
Chapin SC 29036

Mon-Sat: 11am-6pm