Our box gives you priority access to all of the new and exciting things we’re picking out for our pets (and their humans). Each box will be packed with subscriber-exclusive products and the best part is it’ll be different every time. So if you love what we offer already and want your dog doing tippy taps when they see our boxes your going to want to get your paws on these boxes!

Our boxes are only open to new subscribers during certain months for a limited time. Currently our enrollment period is closed and our July Boxes will be shipping out on July 12th. To get on our waitlist and be notified when enrollment opens again please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

How our box is different.

  • Bi-Monthly Delivery: Enjoy a manageable number of products, without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Beyond the Basics: Filled with a constantly changing assortment of products to keep you and your pet excited and engaged.

  • Exclusive Products: All products are subscriber-exclusive and not offered outside of our subscription prior to each box.

  • Subscriber Perks: Enjoy 5% off ALL store-wide purchases outside of your box and 10% off our specialty curated holiday boxes like our Easter Baskets and Santa Sacks.

  • Reward Points: Part of our Modern Companion Community? You will still earn points with every box you receive!

How much does it cost?

Pay Bi-Monthly! Subscribe for $55, and it’ll be an automatic payment on the 1st of every other month when your box ships.

3-5 Products in every box
5% Storewide Purchases
10% off Curated Speciality Boxes

Subscribe annually and save. Enjoy the savings of our annual pre-paid subscription.

6 Bi-Monthly Boxes (1 Box Free)
3-5 Products in every box
5% Storewide Purchases
10% off Curated Speciality Boxes
(Shipping is Paid All Upfront)

How it Works

Sign up!

We’ll ask a few short questions about you and your pet so we can make sure your box is just right for your BFF.

We’ll pack and ship!

We’ll pack your box full of incredible MC goodies every other month. On the 12th of the month, we ship your box off to your pet. 

Do a happy dance!

Listen for the mailman! Your pet will want to open their box ASAP. Enjoy your goodies and make sure to tag us in your pictures!


What’s in the box?

We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise! Every box will be full of things we love, but it’ll be different every time to keep things exciting. Each item is carefully curated by our team as an exclusive item just for subscribers or something we might bring into the store that you’ll get a first look at. You’ll get 3-5 items in each box with a value over $55.

How much is it?

You’ll have the option to subscribe for one bimonthly box for $55, after that it’ll be an automatic $55 payment every other month on the 1st of the month.

Our other option is our yearly subscription for $275. You’ll still get 6 boxes in your yearly subscription but one box will be free!

Are there any extra perks?

Yes! Aside from getting the first look at new and exclusive products, you’ll get a discount on classic Modern Companion boxes. Holiday boxes like our Valentine’s box and Santa Sacks will be 10% off just for our subscribers. You’ll also get a discount on Modern Companion products. We’ll send you a unique code for 5% off your purchase that you can use in store and online. You won’t be able to use this code with other coupons, deals, or points redemptions.

What if my dog has allergies?

We can make some changes to your box within reason. If your pet has a lot of allergies and dietary restrictions, this box may not be the best thing for them.

We can more closely curate some of our other boxes to your pet’s needs so keep an eye out for those!

Will I be able to request certain things?

We won’t be taking requests for these boxes. Modern Companion’s subscription box is a surprise for you and your pet, we don’t want to spoil a surprise! Everything in these boxes is something we’re really excited about that you might not have seen before! 

If I love something in my box and want more, can I get it at Modern Companion?

Not all of our box products will make it onto the MC shelves, we want to keep them exclusive to our subscribers! If you let us know that you really love it, we’ll do our best to get products in stock that you want to grab again. 

If I don’t like something in the box, can I return it to Modern Companion?

We work hard to make everything in your box something you and your pet will really love. Since these items may not actually be on our store shelves, we can’t allow returns on subscription box items. You’re welcome to send an email to subscriptions@themoderncompanion.com to let us know what you didn’t like. We’ll take it into consideration when we curate the next box.

I’m in the Modern Companion Community, can I use points for this box?

You’ll earn points for each of your boxes, but you won’t be able to redeem points to get a box.

What do I do if I have multiple dogs?

Don’t worry, since our box is different every month it’s perfect for multi-pet households. You’ll get lots of items that all of your pets can enjoy. You can write all of your pets’ names so we know who we’re sending the box to, but please note that we can’t make significant changes to the box’s contents based on notes about your pets. 

How do I redeem my perks?

We’ll send you a unique code for your 5% off at Modern Companion perk when you subscribe. When we launch specialty boxes, you’ll get an email with a special code to use for 10% off of them! Keep an eye on your inbox to take advantage of the savings.

I’m local, can I pick up my box at the retail store?

You can! Just select “local pickup” at checkout and we’ll send you a notification when it’s ready for you to come get it.

What do I do if I want to cancel?

Send us an email! Reach out to subscriptions@themoderncompanion.com at least 30 days before your subscription renews and we’ll get the cancellation process started.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brittney McDaniel

We loved our box! Modern Companion really took their time to make these boxes unique for our pups. I appreciated getting things I didn’t even know existed like the liquid bandage for dogs. Our Sully got a cut outside playing and it was awesome to have that on hand! Shoutout MC for always bringing your customers top quality products! We can’t wait for the next one!


Loved our box and the items included. Really like that it is customized,and when having more than 1 pup is taken into consideration. On a side note I really appreciated the communication of my subscription, shipping.

Tammy Goughnour
A puptastic subscription box

This box will exceed all your expectations. You can definitely tell the creators look for top quality products for people and pets. Unique and special items, we can't wait for each box to arrive! We have loved Modern Companion for quite some time and was so excited for the subscription box ❤️🐾 highly recommended!!

My new favorite obession

I used to get BarkBox for my pup but there were so many toys he didn’t like and barely any were enrichment. After I found Modern Companion, I’ve been obsessed with the quality and wonderful products they carry that I don’t see in other places. I’m in MO so I’m even more glad they ship!! So naturally I was so happy to support the team and get in on the first box. March finally came and my pup was so excited to open it- he loved the toys and small extras and the treats are great. It’s so nice to know I’m getting a bi monthly surprise of things good for my dog and maybe even things I don’t know I’d needed until I have them!! Hope this lasts for a long time to come! We will be long time customers!