Set your puppy up for success!

Puppy Confidence is a new addition to our series of puppy events! These events are all designed to set your new family member up for success.

Everything is new to puppies. In their first few months they experience all kinds of sights, sounds, and feelings that are unlike anything they’ve experienced before! Those new experiences are what turns your puppy into a confident and stable adult dog. The more experiences they’re exposed to in a happy, exciting environment, the more they’ll be confident around later in life!

We'll start by learning different exercises to teach your puppy behaviors they'll need for vet care and grooming. After that we'll work on playing through different sounds, smells, and feelings. At the end of the session, the puppies can have some time to play with each other!

We’re bringing in all kinds of equipment, from boards that wobble to canes and umbrellas, so your pup can eat treats and play with you while learning that these things are nothing to be afraid of! Bring a bag of your pup’s favorite treats and their favorite toy, we’ll want to reward them for every positive interaction.

Puppy Confidence Class is for...

Vaccinated puppies under 1o months old who would benefit from confidence building exercises!

You'll leave with...

A keepsake Modern Companion Brave Puppy ribbon that you can display

Exercises you can practice with your puppy into adulthood to make them as confident as they can be

A very sleepy puppy

Get your tickets!

Puppy Confidence is a ticketed event, don't forget to grab your tickets ahead of time!


How is this different from Puppy Playdates?

This is a different kind of socialization! This is helping socialize puppies to different environmental factors they might run into later in life. Puppies won’t be loose in the store, they’ll be working with you to try all kinds of new things.

What are some example activities?

We'll practice things like leg holds that will come in handy at the vet's office, walking across unstable and uneven surfaces, and interacting with things like children's toys and canes. These will all help your puppy approach different situations with confidence!

Who can come to Puppy Confidence?

Vaccinated puppies under 10 months old are welcome at Puppy Confidence.

How many puppies can attend?

We're opening up Puppy Confidence to 10 puppies at a time.

Can I bring my older dog?

Puppy Confidence is just for puppies so please leave their older siblings at home!

What time does Puppy Confidence start?

We'll meet at 1PM and will be working on our confidence until 3PM

Where are we doing this?

We'll be playing at Modern Companion Pet Boutique at 508B Lexington Avenue in Chapin, SC!

Is this a training or obedience class?

Nope! This is strictly socialization. Your puppy will come out with skills to succeed in training classes later on!