It's a puppy party!

Modern Companion is excited to host Puppy Playdates on the last Sunday of each month. These playdates are a chance to get out of the house with your new family member to learn valuable social skills.

Do you have a new puppy with lots of wiggly energy? Sign up below to attend!

More dates coming soon!

Puppy Playdates are For...

Vaccinated puppies under 10 months old and up to 2 family members.


What are Puppy Playdates?

Puppy Playdates are an opportunity to socialize your puppy in a safe and fun environment. Puppies can play in the store while learning important social skills and gaining confidence.

Groups of puppies under 10 months old will get together to learn about building relationships while carefully supervised.

Is my puppy eligible to attend?

For the safety of all puppies in attendance we have to set some ground rules about who can attend.

Puppies must be under 10 months old, older puppies may be too big to play with some smaller pups.

Puppies should also be fully vaccinated at the time of attendance. Three rounds of DHPP and vaccination for Bordetella will be counted as fully vaccinated.

I don't have a puppy... can I come?

We all love a puppy party but store space is limited. To give the puppies plenty of room to romp and roll, we're asking that only puppy families attend our playdate.

We usually see puppies at our other events too, feel free to join us for those!

Can I bring my other dog?

We know puppies really fall in love with their older fur-siblings, but they need to learn to do things by themselves sometimes. If you have another dog over 10 months old, please leave them at home.

They might thank you for the nap afterwards.

Where will we be playing?

Our playdate will be at Modern Companion Pet Boutique located at 508B Lexington Ave Chapin, South Carolina 29036.

How many people can come with one puppy?

We want to give the puppies as much space as we can to play with each other. Our space is limited so we're asking that puppies attend with a maximum of 2 family members.

What time should I be there?

Puppy Playdates will take place from 1-3PM. The store will be open exclusively for those hours.

How many puppies are allowed to attend?

We limit sign ups to 10 puppies per playdate! Sign up early to make sure you get a spot!