We all want to make our pets feel a little more safe and secure during fireworks season. The 4th of July can be a super fun holiday for everyone but when the sun goes down things start to get weird for our pets. They get stressed, they pace and pant, they might even hide. Thankfully, there are ways to us to help our best friends through this. Here’s how we’re keeping our dogs calm and safe through the fireworks:

Practice ahead of time

Things are usually less scary and stressful if you’ve been through them before and know how to manage them. A few days or weeks before the fireworks start, put some fireworks sounds up on your TV or phone. Start quietly and slowly make them louder as your pet gets more comfortable. Make sure to play with them with their favorite toy or help them snack on their favorite treats so the scary noises start to be play time or snack time.

Make sure they’re tired

Our first tip is to make sure your pet is ready for a long nap before the fireworks start. Our team uses the afternoon to take the dogs out for long walks, host playdates with friends, or jump around in the sprinklers. If your dog is nice and sleepy, they’re more likely to settle down quietly for the evening.

Keep them inside

Dogs are not immune to the flight response and scared pups can be unpredictable. Your pet that isn’t usually a fence hopper might discover a new skill for escaping during a fireworks show. To keep them safe, we recommend that you keep your pet inside where you know they can’t get into trouble.

Give them a safe space

If your pet gets nervous during fireworks shows they may look for somewhere to hide away, especially if you have a crowd over for a party. If your pet is crate trained, make sure they have access to their crate. If their crate isn’t their safe space, make sure they have access to where they feel coziest. For some of the pup managers those are spaces like bathrooms or a favorite dog bed. 

Give them a distraction

Enrichment toys like snuffle toys, lick mats, or kongs are perfect distractions during fireworks. Giving your dog a little job or a fun activity to do can help take their mind off of the stressful situation they’re in.

Try calming chews or medicine

Some of the pup managers will be enjoying CBD chews on the 4th. There’s nothing wrong with a little calming help! We like CBD based treats that follow our local laws and guidelines or other herbal remedies packed into delicious bites. If these options don’t work for your pet, consider talking to your veterinarian about other options for anxiety relief.

Mackenzie Patterson