It’s all over the news: the Heat Dome is here. Thankfully since we’re based in South Carolina, we know a thing or two about keeping dogs safe and happy when it's too hot outside to go out and play. Here’s how we’re keeping the pup managers cool and calm:


Mini Travel Water Bottle - Modern Companion

Hydration is key for people and pets when you’re out in the heat. Make sure your pets have access to clean, fresh water at all times so they can grab a sip when they’re thirsty. If you’re out and about, we love these water bottles for easy access throughout the day. You can simply squeeze them to push water up into the bowl and release it to send it back into the bottle. You won’t run out of water as quickly when you don’t have to throw it out!

Splash around

We’re lucky to be located right on a lake where we can take the dogs for some outside time in the water. If you’re near a lake, pool, or beach with dog friendly access: that’s the best spot to go if you want to be outside. We would still recommend bringing clean water to discourage your pup from hydrating where they swim. Encourage play with water safe toys like the Wunderball!

Not sure how your pet swims? Grab a life jacket for extra support. Locals: we have these available in store and can grab different sizes as needed.

Tennis Ball Pet Sprinkler - Modern Companion

If you’re not near a body of water, you can still enjoy some splash time. Set up our Tennis Ball Sprinkler in your own backyard for water fun close to home. 

Frozen toys

You know how you start craving ice and ice cream when you’re hot? Dogs like a chilly treat too! We like to freeze different enrichment toys to give them a mental challenge while satisfying that want for something cool.

Puzzle and Play Mushroom - Modern Companion

Lately we’ve been loving these mushroom toys for frozen enrichment. They have two different levels that you can fill with whatever your dog likes! We like to put wet or raw food in the center and bone broth or goats milk in the lower layer. If your pet loves their kibble, you could keep it simple with kibble and water!

Avocado Lick Mat - Modern Companion

Lick mats are super easy to put together and freeze well. Try out different treats in the freezer to see how your pet likes them! We like to use wet food, single ingredient baby food (blueberry puree anyone?), greek yogurt, and even peanut butter on ours. 

Limited Edition Lavender Pupsicle - Modern Companion

Freeze your favorite pupsicle pops or make your own with the treat tray! Just pop the bag in the freezer and drop the pops into your pupsicle toy for a refreshing version of the treat they know and love.

Ice Cone Dog Cooling Toy - Modern Companion

If you’re just looking for something cold without the added treats, our ice toys are for you. Fill these up with water and freeze so your pup can crunch and crush them with no mess. 

Stay cool out there and let us know if you try any of these out!

Mackenzie Patterson