Season 3 of Bridgerton is coming to a close and dearest readers, we’re glued to the screen. As always, we had to find a way to bring our pets into this. It’s the Modern Companion way! We wondered, what would Bridgerton dog accessories look like? Today we’ll just handle the couples so far (but let us know if you want to see more).


Penelope is kind, intelligent, witty, and looks perfect in green. The Florence print would look perfect on our main character for Season 3! The florals scream sweet and sophisticated but the bold green background says “I know what I want.” We’re giving Pen a sailor bow for extra feminine touch.


Colin is a world traveler with a not so secret soft side. We can picture the Ivy bandana in his wardrobe! The subtle X marks remind us of a map and this color is a lovely mix of Penelope’s green and Bridgerton blue.


The Viscountess Kate is strong, assertive and opinionated but warm enough to do anything for family. Kate is definitely the Jay bandana. It’s bold with colors as deep as her emotions. This bandana stands out from the crowd.


We know, Newton isn’t part of a couple but he IS Kate’s dog and we have to include the dog. Newton would obviously match Kate with the mini Jay sailor bow.


Anthony is the Jewel bow tie. It looks black and white until you get a little closer to see that it’s a vibrant floral print. Anthony on the surface is very straight and narrow, all duty no fun. When you get closer, the Viscount is way more complicated than that.


Daphne is charming, proper, and was the diamond of her season. She looks delicate but packs a mean punch. We think she’d choose the Birdie sailor bow. It’s a classic blue, delicate but still very exciting.


The Duke of Hastings is a little moody and his colors are red and gold. Willow is dark, rebellious, and perfect for the Duke. We like a bandana for this look to emulate the Duke’s collars and ties.

Queen Charlotte:

It’s no secret that the Queen likes to get a little wild with her fashion. We don’t have any animatronic hair pieces for pets but we do have the Belle bandana. Belle is colorful and exciting but a bandana is classic. It’s classy but stylish enough to say “I’m in charge.”

King George:

Just George is always staring at the stars, he needs someone (or something) to stand with him between the heavens and the earth. He’s the Capella Bandana!

Mackenzie Patterson