We celebrated the dog moms, but what about the dog dads? The dog dads of Modern Companion do it all. They feed, walk, and wrestle with the dogs just like we do, so we’re excited to make Dog Dad Day all about them. 

Dog Dad Day takes place the day before Fathers Day every year and it started in 2021! It’s a new holiday, but clearly a much needed one. Here at the Modern Companion Retail Store, we’re throwing a Dog Dad Celebration in classic MC fashion. We’ve teamed up with local South Carolina artist Fast Doll to customize our iconic Dog Dad hats for the special occasion. She’ll be here chain stitching pet names onto the hats and Modern Companion bandanas!

If you’re not local and still want to celebrate Dog Dad Day with us, we’ve got the perfect gift list for your pup to give their pop. 

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Our number one item is one of our customized dog dad hats! Until June 13th 2024, you can DM us on Instagram to order your own dog dad hat bundle. Fast Doll will chain stitch your hat at our event and we’ll send it out ASAP! We also have cat dad hats for our feline friends!

Bow Blaster - Modern Companion

The Bow Blaster is a super fun and unique way to play fetch that your dog dad will never see coming. There’s nothing better than some backyard time playing with the dogs, why not try something new? This launcher can send a tennis ball up to 150 feet away! Not a tennis ball fan? The Bow Blaster comes with a ball but can easily fit your dog's favorite toy.

Dog Dad Sticker - Modern Companion

This Dog Dad Sticker can stick to anything. Grab this to help your dog dad show off his status anywhere, at any time. Put it on a laptop, water bottle, car, or anything else he can think of! 

Espresso Brown Hands-Free Waterproof Leash - Modern Companion

Our waterproof hands free leashes are easy to use, easy to clean, and allow you to do whatever you want with your hands. For a dog dad that likes to take their pet everywhere, this is a game changer. Just wrap it around your body, hook up your BFF, and go!

Hip & Joint Treats - Modern Companion

Hip and joint treats aren’t just for elderly dogs! If you have a dog dad that is invested in your pet’s health, these treats get joint care started early. Dogs love them and the ingredients support your pet and prevent issues down the road! This way, dog dads can keep playing with their furry friends for years!

Ruffian Camel - Modern Companion

Steel dog toys are extra durable for extra tough play. If your dog dad likes to wrestle and play rough, these are the perfect present. They’re great for tugging, tossing, and tearing. 

How are you celebrating Dog Dad Day? Let us know in the Modern Companion Community or tag us on social media!

Mackenzie Patterson