Dogs are important family members, so it’s only natural to want to include them on your wedding day! The Modern Companion team knows all about including your dog in your wedding, we’ve done it! 

Since we’ve been there, we know what we used and what we wished we’d had, so we compiled a list of things we think are useful to have to make your special day the best day! 

1. Paws in Love Accessories

Before you get married, you might want to include your pets in your save the date photos or engagement photos! Our Paws in Love print is made just for those announcements. It’s covered in wedding symbols and sweet phrases for the pawfect close up. 

2. Wedding Pawty Box

Maybe you’re not the one getting married but you know someone who is. Maybe you want to put something for your pup on your registry. Our Wedding Pawty box is the perfect solution. It features our Paws in Love print, a champagne toy, handcrafted dog macarons, a pet safe candle, and a personalized note. It’s the perfect gift for the dog loving newly-weds or soon to weds in your life.

3. Custom Wedding Accessories

Picture this: the perfect photo of your fur babies posing in their custom wedding tuxedos. Little details like your wedding colors matter to us, so we make custom accessories for those picture perfect moments. Choose from custom tuxedos or a simple custom color bow tie or sailor bow to keep it casual. The best part is that these easily slip onto any collar you’d like so you have total control over every detail. It’s your special day, we know everything should be just right!

4. Hands-free Leash for Multiple Dogs

Our waterproof hands-free leashes are already our favorites for everyday life, adding a leash extender can make weddings for a multi-dog household so much easier. Each extender allows you to add one more dog to the same leash. Trust us, handling a dozen leashes at once while you’re greeting guests is nowhere near as nice as handling one. We have them in plenty of colors with matching collar and harness options to keep your color story going.

5. Dog-friendly Cake

Cutting the cake is a classic wedding tradition, but what if your pup wants a bite? These cake kits come with everything you need to make a beautiful cake for your furry wedding guests. Trust us, the pictures of pups enjoying their cake are worth it.

March 08, 2024 — Mackenzie Patterson