Spring is all about whats new and fresh. Here at Modern Companion, a new season means new products, trends, and events! We’re really looking forward to our spring launches, but we have some things already in store that are perfect to get in the spring mood. 

The Belle Print

Sure, this bandana appeared first as a Valentine’s day release but its sweet florals and pastels carry it through spring. We love our holiday specific prints, but there’s something extra special about a print your pet can wear all season. Picture it: flower field and winery visits with your pet truly dressed their best. There are so many pet friendly options for spring activities, the Belle print is perfect for all of them. 

Floral Scented Grooming Essentials


Lavender is the perfect scent to transition from winter to spring. It’s calming and sophisticated for winter while still pulling in the florals we associate with spring. If you want a really powerful floral scent, try honeysuckle. Our home base is South Carolina where honeysuckle is most common in the Summer, but this lively and bright flower is great for super active spring pups. We like Skout’s Honor because it makes our pets smell great while also acting as probiotic skincare. With allergies really coming to a head in the spring, our pets need all the support they can get. Those probiotics support a healthy skin microbiome to help with issues like itching. We have these scents available in shampoo and conditioner combos and detangling sprays to keep the scent fresh in between baths!  

Pastel Walking Sets

It’s time to lighten up your pet’s wardrobe to match the incoming blue skies and wildflower walks! Our Waterproof line is full of bright, pastel options that will suit any coat color. They’re super durable, waterproof and stink-proof, and easy to clean for the muddier days. While our spring prints aren’t all released at the time of this blog, we can also say they pair beautifully with our upcoming accessory launches. Build your set with a harness and hands free leash, or a collar and a 6 foot leash, we have options for all your needs! Are you a multi-dog household? Our extenders can attach to our hands free leashes to connect an extra pup to the same line.

Garden themed snuffle toys

Do you garden in the spring? For pups who like to stay busy these cute snuffle toys are a great gardening activity. Hide treats or a meal in their pockets and watch your pet have a fantastic time! Your pet will love enjoying their own harvest basket full of fresh goodies, especially if they’re full of treats.

Tremenda Disc

The weather is finally warming up which means it's time to get outside and play! These chews also work as a great frisbee toy. You can play catch or even roll it on the ground to encourage your pup to chase it to get some exercise in the sun. When you’re all done, your pet is left with a delicious, single ingredient chew to help them wind down for a nap.


There are dozens of ways to prep for spring. If spring cleaning is your thing, check out our pet safe cleaning products. If farmer's market visits are more your speed, maybe a cute new ID tag can help show off your pet's personality. It's the season for new things and whether thats a new pet wardrobe or a new puppy, we're here for you!  

Mackenzie Patterson