So you brought home a new family member, what now? Bringing home a puppy is such an exciting and unforgettable experience, but deciding what to get for them can be difficult. 

We've compiled our top 5 products that we wish we'd known about when we brought home our dogs. Some of these are for your puppy, some are to help new pet parents adjust to being, well, pet parents! 

1. Puppy Teethers

Yellow bird shaped puppy teether with soft rope attachment

Puppy Teethers are perfect for the teething period of puppyhood. As puppies grow their teeth, they get itchy gums just like human babies. The only thing that satisfies the itch is a good chewing session. These puppy teethers are made of a soft rubber that won’t break your puppy’s delicate teeth. They can be frozen so puppies get a numbing effect while chewing for extra relief. The bonus rope makes these toys so fun to toss around and tug, making your puppy’s first toy a great multi-use option!

2. Waterproof Gear Sets

Lavender waterproof dog harness with gold accents

Puppy training is no joke, a good gear set makes it a little easier! Our waterproof matching sets are ready for anything you throw at them. They’re durable, easy to clean, and beautiful so your puppy pictures all look perfect. Add in our Puppy Harness Policy and you’ve got a set to train, walk, and play in for your pup’s whole life. I f you purchase a harness from us and your puppy grows out of it, you’ll have 6 months from your purchase date to take advantage of our puppy policy. If your harness is still in a wearable condition, send it back to us and we’ll donate it to a rescue pup in need. You’ll get 25% off of a new harness purchase at Modern Companion to get a harness that fits.

3. Puzzle Bowl

Puzzle feeder dog bowl with spinning bone center and green wavy lickmat

Puppies tend to eat quickly. Everything is new and exciting, including food. To keep them from wolfing their food down too fast, we’d recommend a slow feeder. Our favorites are puzzle bowls. The inserts are removable so you can change the challenge, it’s top rack dishwasher safe, and it’s made of plant based materials so you know it's safe. This bowl also challenges your puppy’s problem solving skills to help them become a more confident adult! It definitely doesn’t hurt that all that thinking usually ends with a nice nap.

4. Be Good Bites

Be Good Bites dog treats in turkey flavor

Good training treats are hard to find. You want something healthy, tasty, easy to break up, and soft for your puppy's fragile teeth. We like Be Good Bites because they meet all of those criteria! These treats come in a bunch of tasty flavors and are even available in plant and insect based recipes for puppies with allergies. These treats are made of 30% upcycled ingredients so you’re also helping the planet while treating your new BFF!

5. Petergent

A bottle of petergent pet safe detergent being poured out

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: potty training. No one ever warns you about how many blankets will become potty blankets in the early puppy days. The cute new bed you brought home is also in danger. The great news is, these things can be cleaned! We recommend Petergent for new puppy parents because it’s made of pet-safe ingredients. Did you know that fragrances and chemicals in traditional detergents can impact your puppy’s health? This detergent is made special for them to keep them healthy for years to come. Enzymes bring extra cleaning power to this detergent, it’s made to destroy pet odors at the source so your home doesn’t smell like you just got a puppy.

February 06, 2024 — Mackenzie Patterson