Does your pet shred every toy you bring home in a matter of seconds? We’ve been there. 

Super chewers really test the durability of every toy we put in front of them, that’s why we test our products with super chewers that we know. No toy is indestructible, but we’ve picked our 5 most durable and unique products that last longer than other toys. 

1. Coffee Wood Chews

A pile of tough, wood dog chews resting on a neutral background.

This may look like a simple stick, but it’s actually a neat chew that taps into your dog’s natural instinct to chew. Coffee wood is dense and durable with tightly bound fibers that make it harder and heavier than wood from our local forests. 

As dogs chew, they scrape off the wood fibers and whittle down the ends of the chew. The satisfying shredding motion also helps clean your pup’s teeth for a pearly white smile and better dental hygiene. A chew with added health benefits? Sign us up!

These chews are all natural, allergy safe, and sustainably made. Coffee wood is especially great for stick lovers and table leg lovers.

2. Wunderball

A multicolored, rubber dog ball is held up on a white background.

This is not a bathbomb, it’s a super durable and fun ball! Wunderball is tougher than it looks, it’s made of a natural rubber that holds up against extra rough players. 

Wunderball is easy on dogs’ teeth and even helps to clean them. The rubber allows teeth to sink in and make small punctures. The small amount of give keeps pets from breaking off chunks of the ball, making it a great option for ball shredders.

Wunderball is also super engaging for pups who love fetch. The odd shape helps the ball bounce in all different directions, keeping dogs entertained. It’s unpredictable fun!

While this toy is durable, we recommend it for active play, not as a chew toy. It’s safe to chew, but dogs should still be supervised during play. 

3. Steel Dog Toys

A fuzzy, wooly mammoth dog toy stands on a white background. It is brown with longer gray hair on the top of its head and thick, black stitching around its body.

These toys have STEEL SHIELD technology built in for extra durability. The shield is an extra lining with super tough seams that makes these toys harder to destroy than your typical plush. 

Each Steel Dog toy has a Chew-O-Meter rating ranging from gentle to tough to let you know how durable your toy is. Even if your toy ends up ripped, you still have a toy left to play with. These plush toys are hiding a secret tennis ball at their center so you can play even after your toy gets tossed. 

4. Pupsicle for Power Chewers

A black dog enrichment toy with a treat at the center floats on a white background.


The Pupsicle is one of our favorite toys to recommend to super chewers because it encourages dogs to lick instead of chew. The Pupsicle’s hard shell protects a rolling treat inside the toy. Dogs have to lick the treat until it’s small enough to fall out of the toy.

The Power Chewer Pupsicle is designed especially for hard chewers. While we’d say all of the Pupsicle types are very durable, the Power Chewer version is made to withstand even more damage than the classic Pupsicle. 

Just unscrew the back of the toy, pop a treat in, and watch your pup lick away! This toy gets bonus points from us for being dishwasher safe for easy clean up. 

5. The Pup Puck

Two "x" shaped rubber dog toys sit up in a white background. They have round centers with a hold in the middle.
The Pup Puck is perfect for chewing, stuffing, and throwing. It's made of a super tough, rubbery material for long-lasting play. 

See the little hole in the center? That space is perfect for stuffing Pup Puck with delicious treats. We'd recommend trying it with a wet food or pet safe peanut butter. 

The shape makes this toy great for throwing. It has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs guessing where it will end up next.


We’re always on the lookout for new, exciting toys for our tough chewer friends. Remember to check in to see what’s new and tell your dog we said hi!

Mackenzie Patterson