Hangry Yeti Puff & Play


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Yeti Puff N' Play Toys is a Patented and unique microwaveable treat dispenser chew toy, the first toy of its kind in the market. Simply Insert nugget inside the cavity, microwave it for 60 seconds, the nugget will puff up and fill the entirety of the cavity. Let it cool and let your dog try to get to the yummy puffy treat.

*Modern Companion does not make this product. We curated it in our retail store. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alysha Hunt
Yeti Hangery Puff&Play

This was totally worth the buy! My dogs LOVE it. I have a black lab and a German Shepard/Lab and they both spend a lot of time trying to get the puff out.

Great for Picky Chewers

Purchased for my 3 year old Frenchie, who gets bored incredibly quickly with most chews or toys. I saved this for a special occasion and gave her lots of praise for playing with it, and she LOVES it! I agree that it may take longer than a minute for the chew to puff up, but just keep an eye on it. Also, it takes the puff time to cool down, and it could burn your pup’s tongue. Just make sure you can hold your fingers against any exposed part, or pop it in the freezer for 5 minutes to be sure. Love and recommend!!

Well received by our picky dog!

Our dog absolutely loves this toy! I did need to heat up the treat a bit longer but that could be an issue with my microwave. But my dog chewed away and looked so happy the entire time. Now to get refills!