The Modern Companion team went out to Global Pet Expo to find the best new, trending products for pets and pet parents. We want to take you behind the scenes of what it's like running a pet business while sharing what we saw and giving a sneak peek at what’s coming next in the world of pet care.

Global Pet Expo is a pet industry trade show in Orlando, Florida that isn’t open to the public. Pet brands attend the show to sell and show off new products or network with each other. 

To see the expo from our pup manager’s perspective, check out the video below!



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Our first destination in the expo is the New Products Showcase where brands compete to have the best new pet product. We’re primarily looking for interactive toys that are different from what we’ve seen before or have qualities that we think our customers would love. This year we were immediately drawn to a slow feeder bowl that later won the showcase. The varying wall depths inside the bowl will make this slow feeder a unique challenge for our pets and the design screams summer fun. It’ll be on our shelves soon!

Out on the floor we were hunting for toys that would work for our super chewer friends. We’re always looking for durable, long-lasting toys that will excite our canine clientele. Canophera is a favorite of ours, their coffee wood chews are a hit with the pup managers. Walking up to the booth we were excited to see something completely new: coconut fiber rope. This rope that's not really rope combined with pieces of coffee wood chew makes for the perfect tug for tough chewers. Does your dog tend to eat rope? This rope is digestible and will pass right through them, making it a safer choice than traditional rope toys.

We didn’t just go for product, we also went to chat with brands we know and love. We got to see what’s new with them and plan ahead for some of our later 2024 events. We love partnering up with the brands we bring in because to us, relationships are just as important as products. We may email or talk to our brand representatives daily, but Global Pet Expo is a chance to talk face to face. 

We spoke with our friends at Einstein Pets, Woof, and Open Farm among others. Our team plans for events early so we had several meetings to start chatting about Fall Fido Festival. Some of our most loved brand partners come from far away. We have friends all over the United States! Advance notice is key to having them attend events in person! 


We had a blast and can't wait to show off everything we found! Keep an eye on our new product releases and upcoming collections!

March 29, 2024 — Mackenzie Patterson